Nixelles Drill Team · Nixelles Audition Information

We are excited to announce that we will finally be able to hold our 2020-2021 Nixelle Drill team auditions!! We will be holding the auditions online this year.

All audition information can be found on our website.,1,luLU9urgJ6owyhPizJRQcE_h3p5dB-3qysMsXht9ztW3GtabzWT85six-7euS_wkHfhLKvnmUjOn2ETD8AP6x72laMZ-zJFH0IWanGbojtqj8RFXYm9rO9MlBTU,&typo=1

. ­čîčFriday, April 17th: All audition packets are due! Please turn them into the front office at FHS by NOON! Please make sure you have completed the checklist before you turn your packet in ­čÖé Packet information can be found on our website┬á,1,OWHEpy3sTBZx2croq9JaWMddCodi6ZW13BCG5hKXUumosTF92QOhbVzmmsvXQkew5SmN6M6BrHRyroJRPdF3bAUolQ8Lnn37nsA88BV8-ZW4c0zlq2i0xgi7Cx0,&typo=1
­čîčMonday, April 20th: Teacher Recommendations Due! Please make sure to submit online! Links are provided on our website. Audition material will be sent by 5pm.
­čîčTuesday, April 21st: Audition video links will be due at 5pm.
­čîčWednesday, April 22nd: Nixelle Audition 12-4pm. Individual audition times & results will be sent via email