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Farmington High School Girls’ Basketball Camp

Home of the 2020 Region Champs

June 1st – 4th, 2020

FOR: Next Years 5th-12th Grade Girls

PLACE: Farmington High – Main Gymnasium

TIME: 5th – 8th Grade Girls @ 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.

9th – 12th Grade Girls @ 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

*Note: Next year’s 9th and 10th graders MUST live in Farmington Boundaries or 10th graders living outside the boundaries must be on a variance to attend Farmington High School

COST: $75.00 (Includes T-Shirt)

This camp will be held at Farmington High School in the Main Gymnasium. Emphasis will be placed on Post/Guard Position Play, Individual Fundamentals and Team Play. Farmington High’s Defensive & Offensive Plays will also be stressed. 9th thru 12th grade girls attending this camp will be invited to the Dixie State team camp.

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Please detach this Registration Form, fill it out and pay $75.00 in the front office at Farmington High School or you may send your payment and registration form to:

Farmington High School

c/o Coach Van Price

548 W. Glovers Lane

Farmington, UT 8425-0588

NAME__________________________________________ HOME PHONE __________________________________

SCHOOL_________________________________________ GRADE (NEXT YEAR) _______________ AGE _________



I hereby authorize the directors of the Farmington High School Basketball Camp to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention, and herby waive and release Farmington Basketball Camp from any and all liability for any injuries or illness incurred while at the Farmington High Basketball Camp. I will be responsible for any medical and/or other charges in connection with my son’s or daughter’s attendance. I know of no mental or physical problems which may affect my child’s ability to safely participate in this program.

PARENTS OR GUARDIANS SIGNATURE_____________________________________ DATE_____________

Any questions, please contact Coach Van Price @ 801-915-6232 (Cell)

As Per District Policy: Please note that a portion of the camp cost will go toward coaches’ pay