Girls Varsity Soccer · Girls Soccer June Conditioning Program


Start team conditioning @ FHS July 6th @ 8 a.m.

Warm-ups: Must spend at least 12-15 minutes before every session to avoid injury

Cool down: Must spend at least 10 minutes cooling down and stretching to avoid injury

SUGGESTED WARM-UP – place 2 cones 20 yards apart

● Jog line to line x 2

● Back pedal x 2

● Carioca x 2

● Normal skips x 1

● High skip x 1

● Walking lunges x 1

● Donkey kicks x 1

● RDL x 1

● Leg swings x 1

● 75% run x 2

Timed Miles: Push yourself and cut time off each week. The goal is 8 minutes per mile.

Ball Skills: Shooting – Use a wall and shoot from various distances with each foot 2 minutes each

Juggling – Juggle with all parts of the body and then only one body part at a time

Dribbling – Dribble in confined spaces using quick touches, changing directions and speed

Volleying – Top of foot, inside foot, outside of foot, thighs to feet, chest to feet

Trapping – Use a wall to throw or drop kick against and trap using all parts of body