Boys Golf

Head Coach: Eric Bumstead



Congratulations to the following boys for making the 2019 Phoenix Golf Team:

Ben Seely                  Braxton Watts         Willard Richards

Cole Cipriano           Ty Solomon              Connor Cahoon

Dax Egan                   Riley Law                  Quinton Marchant

Luke Thomas           Parker Thompson   Max Kraus

Spencer Hintze        Emerson Cahoon    Owen Gladwell

Luke Kelley               Ben Ackley

We will be having a team meeting tomorrow at noon at Davis Park to discuss the team and the season. 

We will be having a parent meeting on Tuesday night July 30 at Farmington High School to discuss fees, lunches, and answer any questions about the season.  We will be meeting in a room just next to the Main offices.  I will meet you by the office and direct you in.  It’s the same room as last year if you were on the team.

I’m looking forward to a great and fun year of golf.

Head Coach,

Eric Bumstead